A proper introduction

For the possibly nonexistent people that may find this blog without already knowing me, and especially this post, I will make a better introduction to myself. Or it’s just for the satisfaction of my own ego (in English because it’s cooler/more international).

I’m Ana Lu (abbreviations are cool), a Brazilian girl without experience in blogging or even writing in social media (I am the type that just sees what others post and don’t post anything), so this is an experience in self-expression and to somehow register/share things and thoughts (as the title is very self-explanatory).

I like many things, but I also may not really dedicate to anything. Well, there are too many things in the world (or I am too fickle). If I would talk about the things that I like the most it would be fiction, art, some cultural things (languages, history), some ideas about the world and beyond (philosophy, psychology, theology) and games. So I will probably talk about some of these at random.

Maybe I am using too many parentheses (just thought about that). Well, I may change how I write with time.

I want to be a writer and I have a special interest in literature, so I may post some of my texts and talk about books I’ve read. But it will depend on my current progress in writing and interest.

About languages, my native is Portuguese and English is the first foreign language that I’ve learned first, but as I’ve listened and read this language since I was a child this language comes more naturally. With German, the next foreign language that I want to be fluent, I didn’t have that much of contact, so I had to learn from the beginning. And I learned that English language knowledge doesn’t help much with German, and I am really struggling to learn Goethe’s language (the only German writer that I have read so far, I need to read more). But the bilingual blog will someday be a trilingual (I hope so).

Wow, this post was long. Well, that is it for now. Until I have more ideas.





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