Let’s get creative!

This inspirational image is from the inspirational YouTube video Don’t Hug me I’m Scared 

What is to be creative? That is one of the many questions that the video mentioned above may rise (to make it inspirational I will just pick this one). As it can be deduced by the radical, to be creative is related to create, which relates to make something unique. So, people use ‘being creative’ as synonymous of ‘being original’.

One appeal of being creative is that you are adding something for the world. As I try to be creative, I try to make works that would really add something. In the case of fiction, that they could mean something in the immense library of pre-existing stories. For that, one condition is that my work is good. Another is that it’s not so similar to many others.

It’s impressive how many works seem to be copy & paste of many others. I don’t know if it’s because is the only way that the creator knows how to make his/her work, if it’s a safe way to make it sucesfull by using successful formulas or if it’s just laziness. Maybe it’s two or three of them.

When I overthink about it, it seems that humanity creativeness has already ended and everything is just a variation of another one. Well, people can’t create something out of nothing, so it has to be based on a pre-existing thing. The problem is how much is already based in others work. Maybe an uncreative work can be entertaining, but it lacks on the artistic aspect.

As I am so interested in fiction, it specially bothers me how many clichés are overused in stories. As I strive for the “adding something to the world” thing, and I don’t believe I can compensate the lack of creative for such a great way of telling, I strive in being original. But there were many times when I thought I was being so original and discovered other work with the same aspect. Not knowing about the existence of similar works won’t prevent the comparison.

But in the end what really matters is how you put such idea in practice. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest concept ever if you don’t know how to work with. I have seen many fictions that appear to have such a creative idea but it wasn’t developed well. I hope I won’t make the same mistake. The fact that I am trying to make many big stories with big fictional universes increases the odds of such thing to happen. We will see if I can combine creativeness with proper development in the so called creative work. That surely will demand a lot of effort.

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One thought on “Let’s get creative!

  1. The very reason i enjoy your pieces of writings , whatever type they might be, is that you always have a very different perspective on things. And that, my dear, is the thing you need for a creative work . So go ahead be creative and work on a piece which really adds SOMETHING!!!


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