Me as a creator

An image that I found wich depicts my idea of how it is the creative process

I will start to make these “me as a creator” posts, talking more about my struggles as a creator. I used the term “creator” which englobe more things and maybe emphasizing the creative process thing, but I plan to talk more about my fictional projects.

I am still discovering how to create and what would be my talents, which sometimes seem to be nonexistent. So it’s a journey of self-discovery, or something like that.

I say I have projects, as I am still not sure what some will turn out to be, if they will indeed become something. Some of these I want to turn into a big franchise, some of these I plan to make it a novel or graphic-novel/comic, and others may just turn out to be one short-story.

I think that I may be repeating the same themes, and some of the projects I don’t know if I will maintain. I think sometimes that I should focus more on just one, but my attention frequently shifts, according to inspirations and problems that I found. Maybe I should force myself more, stablish goals. We will see.

Next is the list of my current projects, being identified by some of its aspects, themes. I won’t put a proper name, as they may change, some projects may disappear or merge or I just don’t want to reveal much about them for now. They are basically in the order according to: time I’ve spent more thinking about it, confidence that it will end up being produced or how much it occupies my mind for now. So, this list may be constantly edited.

* contemporary fantasy/ cultural reference / big franchise

* sci-fi epic / being human

* high-fantasy / inhumans

* hero thing/ personal experiences / experimental / metafictional

* nation building / superpowers / East and West

* medieval reference/ destine and curse

* dystopia / slavery / food

* hero + apocalypse

* human eaters / dark humor / mythology reference

* alien colonization

* thinking animals

* high-fantasy / old literature

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