Mary Sue

Mary Sue is a term throw right and left to refer to badly written characters. It can refer to so many things that it’s hardly a good way to classify a character, but it brings some common problems of amateur writing and characterization. A longer discussion of what a Mary Sue is can be seen … Continue reading Mary Sue


Olam 1: Crônicas de luz e sombras – Resenha

Na pilha de livros que estavam acumulados para eu ler jazia Olam. Então, arranjando coragem para enfrentar suas mais de quatrocentas páginas e minhas dúvidas quanto à qualidade, li, pois era meu destino (queria devolver para o dono tendo lido). Embarque comigo nessa jornada épica em que faço minha primeira resenha de livro para o … Continue reading Olam 1: Crônicas de luz e sombras – Resenha

Bad Boy

Bad boy is among the most prevalent and criticized character tropes. “He is not a bad person, he is just misunderstood!” is a sentence often said to defend the type that already gives me bad flashbacks. For this discussion, I would refer to “romanticized guy with social problems”. He ranges from socially awkward into an … Continue reading Bad Boy

Diversity in fiction

When discussing modern media and fiction, diversity is a topic often brought up. It is an extension of characterization and worldbuilding, but many focuses on it for social representation, sometimes undermining other aspects, with many using to appear progressive and try to attract specific demographics, making me annoyed for its overestimation and use for pandering. … Continue reading Diversity in fiction

Review – The Incredibles

The Incredibles was one of my favorite Pixar movie’s and I made a school essay about it years ago, being one of the first movies that I had to analyze. And now that the sequel is being released, it’s a good time to finish this review. Better late than even later! This movie doesn’t “demand” … Continue reading Review – The Incredibles

Donzela em Perigo (trad.)

Um dos personagens que são mais criticados nos tempos modernos é a donzela em perigo. Eu mencionei no post Personagem feminino forte que donzela “mal é um personagem”, que depois coloquei como "mal tem um caráter", sendo mais um instrumento de enredo. Se a principal função de um personagem é servir para o enredo, um mero … Continue reading Donzela em Perigo (trad.)

Damsel in Distress

One of the character tropes that are more criticized in modern time is the damsel in distress. I had mentioned in my Strong Female Character post that damsel is “barely a character”, and more a plot device, which I later corrected for “undeveloped character”. If the main function of a character is serving for the plot a … Continue reading Damsel in Distress

Sci-fi rant

Recently I’ve read The Machine Stops. It has some of the problems that I have with sci-fi, but it has the grandfather clause and it is a short story (and it's good). And, as what happened with reading other classic books of a genre, it made me more disappointed with the contemporary works, as they … Continue reading Sci-fi rant

Prática e técnica

Quando eu era criança ouvi que tinha criatividade, mas não tinha muita técnica, e isso parece uma tendência minha, ter várias ideias mas não a habilidade (e provavelmente paciência) de executá-las. Meu consolo é que posso melhorar a técnica, mas preciso praticar mais e colocar metas mais realísticas. Enquanto isso, tento compensar com criatividade, expressão … Continue reading Prática e técnica

Character Design

The aspect of drawing that I have spent more time with is character design. In a draw-based media, the characters are the thing which the audience will have to stare at most of the time, and the thing you will have to draw more frequently. Also, it is an essential part of its identity and … Continue reading Character Design