Sci-fi rant

Recently I’ve read The Machine Stops. It has some of the problems that I have with sci-fi, but it has the grandfather clause and it is a short story (and it's good). And, as what happened with reading other classic books of a genre, it made me more disappointed with the contemporary works, as they … Continue reading Sci-fi rant


Character Design

The aspect of drawing that I have spent more time with is character design. In a draw-based media, the characters are the thing which the audience will have to stare at most of the time, and the thing you will have to draw more frequently. Also, it is an essential part of its identity and … Continue reading Character Design


  “Protagonists are mostly boring” is what I used to think, at least at mainstream media. But thinking about it, I’ve considered what is a protagonist, what would make them “boring”, etc. Some of these things were already discussed in Hero, but now I will talk about protagonist per se. Firstly, definition. The protagonist is an … Continue reading Protagonist

About OC

If you know something about art on the internet, you probably have seen the term original character, which is basically “a drawn character created by someone on the internet”. At first, I found the term “original” redundant, as any character is at a time original, and, excluding folkloric characters and recurring characters in a franchise, … Continue reading About OC

Strong Female Character

One of the main staples of modern media is the strong female character. This is more prominent for a female protagonist, but just the main female character and others may feature this, being almost an obligatory stock character for action and adventure stories nowadays. Generally, it involves being independent, competent and having a strong personality. Firstly, … Continue reading Strong Female Character

Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It has been some days that I’ve watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s kind of late to make something like “initial thoughts” or “first impression”, but I have only watched it a single time, while I plan to re-watch movies to review them. But whatever, it’s the more recent film I’ve watched, and I … Continue reading Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi